Eat and Lose Weight Naturally

Eat and Lose Weight Naturally

Most of us have tried to lose weight by not eating just to get special clothes. Remember how hungry you are. As we know, strength will only last long. Hopefully you made your goal and lost the pound, but how many of you rewarded yourself and gave up on the event. A week later you return to your old weight.

I don’t want anyone to starve again. It’s really a lot easier if you just change what you eat so your body gets a lot of nutrients and you don’t feel hungry. Make changes from bad to tasty food below, and you will be ready to lose weight.

You Must Stop Eating …

Too much. How many of you skip breakfast, eat like birds at lunch and then eat dinner because you are very hungry. Try eating breakfast and get protein in your stomach to start building energy. Eat moderate amounts at lunch and dinner plus small snacks when you need them and you will feel better and eat less.

Processed food.This category which includes Fast Food is one of the main reasons we experience the obesity crisis in this country. Simply put, if it’s made in a factory, it’s not for you because it’s treated chemically for a long time, tastes good, and is cheap to produce. They contain hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup, msg, high sodium, and too much sugar and artificial sweeteners. This makes your heart work overtime to remove these poisons from your body. Because fat actually stores toxins to protect your vital organs, fat will not metabolize properly if toxins are still present in your body.

Sugar and Sweeteners. Sugar is a pure chemical called sucrose which does not contain nutrients at all. It’s very addictive and as dangerous as most drugs. If you are overweight, chances are that this is because sugar interferes with your body’s chemistry, which allows multiple fat cells to quickly turn healthy food into fat. You have to wean your sweet teeth and that includes artificial sweeteners because they are also toxic and tend to keep your needs for sweets.

Fine carbohydrates. This means bread, crackers, cereals, and white rice. This is digested and converted to sugar, causing many of the same problems discussed above. They fill you, but the full feeling disappears quickly and you start eating again. Grains such as whole wheat are better, but will also cause problems unless they are only eaten occasionally.

You have to start eating …

Enough food. Above, we suggest eating in moderation, but you certainly do not want to go too fast or starve yourself. You must eat to burn fat. Your body uses food to produce energy, and if it does not, it converts muscle protein into energy to nourish your vital organs and your bloodstream. You have lost weight, but you still have the same amount of fat. As your muscle is needed to burn fat, you will quickly recover weight, but it will be in the form of fat.

Natural foods. Think Caveman Diet. Your body has not changed much since the cavemen, so it is designed to eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and meat fed with a natural diet. It is very important to eat organic foods as much as possible so as not to ingest all the chemicals used in modern agriculture. Do you remember the bad eggs that came in a few years ago because they caused a rise in cholesterol? Organic eggs are actually a great way to reduce bad cholesterol because they contain omega-3 fatty acids, while eggs grown in a commercial environment contain omega-6 acids, which increase the risk of heart disease.

Good fat Cutting all fat is the same as fasting because your body needs good fat to produce energy. You need a lot of omega-3 fatty acids from fish, walnuts, flaxseeds, beans, winter squash and olive oil. You can also take supplements in pill form. If you limit your oil consumption to olive oil for salad dressings and coconut oil for cooking, you’ll have a head start.

Water. Your body needs a minimum of half of your weight in ounces. A 160-pound person would need to drink 10 glasses of 8-ounce water. One of the most common problems leading to weight gain is to substitute water and sugary drinks. Water helps metabolize fats and rid your body of toxins.

You must start exercising

Exercise is the ultimate key to losing weight. Very simply, it creates a muscle that burns fat. You must start with a program that you can manage. Maybe one stroll a day will be enough to burn extra calories. There is no doubt that the more exercise you do, it will be a positive factor in achieving your goal of weight loss.


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