How to Lose Wrist, Hand, Finger and Thumb Fat Fast

How to Lose Wrist, Hand, Finger and Thumb Fat Fast

Many of us have thicker wrists than the people around us. This could be because of the bone structure that also determines the size of the finger or thumb or because of our excess weight. Weight loss is also seen on the wrists and fingers with bracelets and rings that lose a little. Overall weight loss will help reduce weight in this section.

It is not possible to shrink your hands but it can be tightened and strengthened, exercise and proper diet are the keys to losing weight. Exercise more and eat fewer calories. This will help reduce weight throughout the body and also in the wrists and fingers. Practical methods will help you get beautiful wrists and fingers.

Typing is one of the best exercises for your finger. Just start typing tests online or download the free tutorial. This is probably the best form of exercise for the fingers and helps you burn calories and the more you type the more you will burn. But make sure that you have good support or you can develop carpel tunnel syndrome.

Screwdrivers or door knobs can be the best tool for training the wrist. With a firm grip, rotate them several times by alternating between your hands. This can be repeated until the wrist is tired but must be careful not to overdo it.

Fasten the fists and then slowly release the fingers one by one. This if repeated for 5-10 times can help strengthen wrist muscles. Barbells can also be used for wrist extension exercises. Push-ups are another option. There are some advanced exercises too, but if you don’t have a strong wrist they should be avoided completely.

It is very important that good warming precedes each of these exercises. The rotation of the hand in both directions in a circular motion is a great warm-up exercise. Stretching is just as good. Interlace the fingers and reach out in front of both to stretch the wrist and hand muscles. With one hand the other fingers can be pulled back followed by the thumb if more stretch is needed. But this must be done carefully because it can easily stretch the muscles of the hands and wrists.

Hands may be the most important part of the body and therefore it should be noted that you do not do this exercise excessively. Resting between exercises will make the sore muscles rest. If you feel sick or feel tense, stop immediately. Wrists, fingers and hands can be easily tightened by losing weight in all parts of the body.


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