Top 9 Weight Loss Questions Answered

Top 9 Weight Loss Questions Answered

1. How Fast Can I Lose Weight? As with everything in life that is worthy of achievement, it all depends on how much effort you make. With a combination of the right diet and regular exercise, you should be able to easily see 1-3 pounds of fat coming down from the center of your body. Of course, if you start skipping workouts or doubling on your cheat days, then obviously your results won’t reflect it.

2. How Do I Remain Motivated When I “Don’t Feel Like It?” There are several ways. You can do motivational playlists, post pictures of your fat in the fridge, etc. But my favorite is this – Starting from the small one. Getting started is ALWAYS the hardest part. After you wear those running shoes and come out of the door I find that things take care of themselves from there. Don’t even think about it, just dress and walk out the door before you have the opportunity to talk about it yourself. (P.S. I talk about TON motivation in my weight loss bulletin. This is an easy and free reminder every day or two to stay on track.)

3. Does Fad Diets Work? No, no. Of course you might lose weight in the first few weeks. But most of the time it is losing water (which is not the same as losing fat, what you really want) or temporary. Your hunger actually has a bad effect on slowing down your metabolism. Your body, which feels threatened, switches to survival mode and works against you to maintain energy (and rightly so). Fad diet is just that – fad. What you want is lifestyle changes.

4. Do I have to exercise for 5 hours a day at the gym? Of course not. Look, I used to practice between 5-6 hours a day when I swam competitively – but I also ate around 6,000 food calories per day. You can easily do 40-45 minutes at the gym 3 times a week as long as you eat with respect and still see significant weight loss.

5. How Much Genetics Affects My Weight Loss? Genetics clearly plays a role. Not all of us will look like super-models, but that shouldn’t hold you back from living a healthy lifestyle. We were given one life and one chance. There is no reason to live under the best of you because you think even the best that you will not live according to what the community thinks should be. Forget the nonsense that you see in magazines and on TV. Focus on you and yourself.

6. Why Don’t I Take Diet Pills Instead of Exercising? As I mentioned above, being healthy is a lifestyle thing. Popping some pills is not a substitute for regular exercise and gives yourself the right fuel to not only keep your body in top condition but also gives you more and better energy than all ephedrine and caffeine in the world. Make no mistake, the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry will always tell you what you want to hear. “Take this pill and bring down twenty pounds without exercise,” blah blah blah. It’s a bunch of nonsense designed to sell more nonsense to you.

7. How long to adjust to my new eating habits? Breaking old habits can be very difficult. I know. The fact is we are conditioned to always return to what is familiar and comfortable, even if what is comfortable and familiar to us is negative or counter-intuitive to our health. Even though this is not a difficult and fast rule, in my experience with people I practice, it takes around 14-21 days to adjust to new, better habits. After that happens, you will not believe how you have been stuck in the bad for so long.

8. I am fine with being overweight. Is that really dangerous? It could be yes! There are a large number of diseases directly linked to obesity, including – heart disease (the number one killer of North American adults), high blood pressure, gout, diabetes (which has literally exploded over the past two decades – especially among children children) and even cancer. So yeah, that’s not cool.

9. Are All Fats Bad For You? Not. There are a number of fats that you must consume throughout the day as part of a healthy diet. “Good” fats are not saturated, and


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