Use These Smart Fat Burning Diets To Blast Off Pounds Of Fat For Good!

Use These Smart Fat Burning Diets To Blast Off Pounds Of Fat For Good!

Sometimes we get stuck by eating at fast food restaurants, because it’s hard to find time to cook. Here are some fat burning diets that work to help you maintain your weight loss plan:

Do Delis and Subs

Deli sandwiches using boiled or baked meat like turkey, lean meat, chicken breast or roast beef are good substitutes for heavy lunches. To reduce carbohydrates, if thick bread is used for sandwiches, raise the bread at the top. Cut the bottom bread in half and use one part for the top bread.

Smart Burger Options

When you crave a burger, get an ordinary hamburger or one of the burger kiddies. Both have less than a quarter of a pound of calories which are supplemented with extras such as mayonnaise, cheese, and more meat.

Skip Sauce

If you want to have one of the usual items on the burger shop menu, skip heavy sauces such as mayonnaise and other toppings. Calories increase with each addition of this topping. For taste, just go for diet-friendly mustard and hoard vegetables for extra fiber, crunch, and flavor.

Tips on Pizza

One thing you should know is that a pizza shop can actually be good for your diet. They usually have a salad bar that has lots of fresh vegetables. You can even get small pizzas if you choose toppings wisely. A good choice is vegetarian pizza. Ask for less cheese to save more calories. Try a thin crust pizza; they have less carbohydrates and calories than the thick ones. For a good size, share your pieces with friends!

Never do a double

You can make your portion smaller if you get something from the regular menu. Avoid heavy choices such as long leg hot dogs or double cheese burgers. My favorite restaurant gives “double” fries with an additional 49 cents. Sounds good, but this won’t help reduce your waistline.

Go for the Side Salad

Side salads are a great way to increase your vegetable intake even if you have fast food. They are also not that expensive. Look for toppings that are high in fat such as regular dressings, pieces of bacon, cheese, and more. If you order a salad accompanied by this, ask the server to delete it. Tell the waiter to put your light clothes on the side – which will help you control the amount you use.

To keep your calories low, try to avoid fast food as much as you can. However, if you get to the point where you don’t really have a choice, you won’t be wrong with the smart choice of fast food above.


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